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About our GDPR Awareness Training

Get GDPR prepared for today's digital world -

The GDPR requires that “appropriate technical and organisational measures” are put in place to demonstrate compliance with data protection standards. One of these measures is to provide appropriate staff training.  A very high percentage of data breaches can be attributed to human error, so staff awareness of GDPR compliance and basic data protection concepts are essential. 

Our data protection awareness sessions and refresher training takes into account not only the legal requirements but also your internal policies and procedures. This ensures that your team gains awareness of data protection legislation while also understands how it affects their daily operations and responsibilities as per your organizational policies.

We will cover the following:

  • Introduction to the GDPR
  • Definitions – Personal Data, Sensitive Personal Data, Processing, Data Controller and Data Processors, Data Breach, etc
  • GDPR Core Principles
  • Data Subject Rights
  • Consent
  • Privacy Notice
  • Security Measures