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About our GDPR Consultancy Package

What we can do for you

Our GDPR Consultancy Package is designed to simplify, explain and aid your organisation in complying with very complicated regulatory requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations, Data Protection Act 2018 and ePrivacy Regulations pertaining to the protection of personal data while being processed.

Availing of our GDPR Consultancy Package has many advantages for you as a data controller as the service we provide will address all of these issues for your organisation.

What we do -

“We take the hard work out of the complicated regulatory process for you”

We do this by simplifying and explaining the complicated regulatory requirements through our initial approach of meet and greet, where we will:

  • collate all documentation and information required,
  • review your existing documentation and processes,
  • identify the processing of personal data within your organisation (through a data audit and data mapping data and minimisation exercise),
  • conduct a risk assessment, (comprising of a risk impact assessment, risk logging, root cause of risk, and reassessment of risks),
  • conduct CCTV risk assessment (as applicable),
  • develop policies (20),
  • develop data subject rights forms (7),
  • develop recording mechanisms (18),
  • develop compliance evidence documentation (14),
  • develop consent forms (5+),
  • provide GDPR awareness / refresher training for your staff.

We provide GDPR compliant software to assists file organisation and encryption of your personal data, which further aids your compliance with GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 and ePrivacy Regulations.

We also provide a email attachment encryption application to encrypt attachments containing personal data or confidential information in emails.

To find out more or to discuss how we can make your life easier please contact us for a non-obligatory chat.